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Become the Expert You Already Are!

Have you ever wondered why certain people always seem to be in the media’s spotlight? Editors and television and radio producers don’t randomly call up “experts” for an on-air or in-print opinion. They call upon people who have established credentials.


Becoming a media favorite is almost a “Catch 22” — to become an expert you have to be perceived as an expert.


So, how do you do that? Simple: Get — and keep — your name in front of editors and media producers. Do this in a variety of ways:


  • Press releases. Newspapers editors love press releases that can be published with little or no editing. But the trick is to provide press releases that give readers take-away value. That take-away value is what establishes you as an expert. The more often you provide information editors can use, the more likely it is that they will call upon you when they need an opinion on breaking news. Don’t know how to write a good press release? Rely on Segall Enterprises to do it for you. Click here to download a sample.

  • Articles and books. Published authors are instant experts. Share your expertise by by-lining articles for business or trade magazines, or take the extra effort and write the book that you have “inside” you. You hate to write? Not to worry. Even celebrities use ghostwriters. Linda can write under your name — and she can help you get the piece published, too.
  • Columns. Are you in a profession that deals with consumers? Do you have expertise you can share with them? Consider writing a column for your local newspaper or community magazine. Writing a by-lined column establishes your expertise with the media. It also puts your name in front of consumers who may use your services. You don’t want to commit the time to write a regular column? Segall Enterprises can do it for you — under your name. Linda does the work; you get the credit. Click here for a sample.
  • Web-site content. Content is king on Web sites. When editors and TV and radio producers cannot find a local expert or when writers need additional experts to cite in articles they are researching, they search the Web. The experts they select are those whose Web sites have dynamic content. Keep your Web site up-to-date with fresh content relevant to your expertise. No time to write? Writing and editing are what Linda Segall does. Rely on Linda to keep your Web content fresh. 

Linda can help with any of these projects.



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